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museo leonardo davinci

Corporate identity for MNST Leonardo Da Vinci,  created during the masters program at Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD), Milano–2011

The branding is based on the languages of science and technology. Behind every kind of language there must exist a structure that can be grammatical or aesthetically set rules. There is no language if there is no structure, just like there is no science if there isn’t postulates and theories.

We designed a main structure/skeleton from the basic non devisable shape, the triangle, and from there we built a visual language for the museum.


Storia Abbreviata della Letteratura Portatile art book design, part of an editorial design course at SPD, Milano–2011.

The book is themed around the surrealist group Called “Shandy” and their journey around the world.
This  lead us to interpret it editorially by making an “Exquisite Corpse” book of People, Objects and Places.
Each page is the result of a casualty of events that drives to a labyrinth of equivoques and discovery.


Promotional poster for the public lecture series “Design Talks”–2011
Every year SPD (Milano), brings together voices from different professional fields and covers subjects from type design, to exhibit design applied to the urban scale.

The visual is an abstraction/deconstruction of the basic conversation bubble symbols, hinting to the shared talks and exchange in design topics and research trends from different disciplines, offering a multitude of up-to-date perspectives on the creative and  evolution of the professional scene.