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International poster contest “To Be Human” Aarhus, Denmark–2012.

The Danish Poster Museum invited to an open international poster contest where poster artists from all over the world, create new original posters with the theme “To Be Human” and how artist understand the concept of universal humanity.
I chose one of the symbols of perfection and distorted it in a call to highlight/embrace our flawed and imperfect humanity, reflected in the challenges we are facing in our modern day from human rights, to nature, environment, as well as wars, refugees and universal crises.


Promotional poster for the public lecture series “Design Talks”–2011
Every year SPD (Milano), brings together voices from different professional fields and covers subjects from type design, to exhibit design applied to the urban scale.

The visual is an abstraction/deconstruction of the basic conversation bubble symbols, hinting to the shared talks and exchange in design topics and research trends from different disciplines, offering a multitude of up-to-date perspectives on the creative and  evolution of the professional scene.