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Al’Anbiq is a personal project/product launched by Wassim Melki and myself, after having spent quite some time in home distilling the Lebanese famous spirit “Arak”.

AL’Anbiq is a craft Arak, envisioned to be produced in the Mount lebanon village, Baabdet using the finest grapes from the Bekaa valley, and then aniseed from the Al Heenah area of Mount Hermon (considered the finest anise in the world). The spirit is distilled to release the purest arak, which is then  to be aged for two years in clay jars.
The branding highlights the modest and crafty nature of this spirit.


Instaleb is a personal initiative developed by Wassim Melki and myself, in the aim of reintroducing polaroid photography to the Lebanese market by providing vintage refurbished polaroid cameras, and by allowing people access to the Impossible Project polaroid films.

The Brand is derived from the basic iconic shape of the polaroid photo, and this shape develops in all the brand applications from web to print to serve functionally a different purpose.


International poster contest “To Be Human” Aarhus, Denmark–2012.

The Danish Poster Museum invited to an open international poster contest where poster artists from all over the world, create new original posters with the theme “To Be Human” and how artist understand the concept of universal humanity.
I chose one of the symbols of perfection and distorted it in a call to highlight/embrace our flawed and imperfect humanity, reflected in the challenges we are facing in our modern day from human rights, to nature, environment, as well as wars, refugees and universal crises.