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Le Vin Sept

Sept winery is born out of a desire to revive a family’s land and cultivate it with a life-changing passion that matured over the years. Today, this vineyard is committed to producing wine that expresses the extraordinary nature of Lebanon’s terroir by celebrating the richness and authenticity of its Mediterranean soil.

Septs’ story is told through its mark.
The tall marks focus on the emotional attributes of the brand and how it came to be, they are a reminder of war, and waiting, but at the same time resemble a vineyard abstraction, therefore, transforming a negative memory into an inspirational one.

Accordingly the full minimal visual language of sept and its applications have been developed, allowing through the simplicity for the natural wine characteristics to take center stage.



Instaleb is a personal initiative developed by Wassim Melki and myself, in the aim of reintroducing polaroid photography to the Lebanese market by providing vintage refurbished polaroid cameras, and by allowing people access to the Impossible Project polaroid films.

The Brand is derived from the basic iconic shape of the polaroid photo, and this shape develops in all the brand applications from web to print to serve functionally a different purpose.