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beirut wonder forest

Beirut Wonder Forest is an environmental initiative on a city scale launched by Wassim Melki and myself in Beirut–2012

Beirut is a concrete and pollution mayhem and there is a huge lack in green spaces. Therefore, given the circumstances, our initiative came to be by suggesting that each building grows its own rooftop garden.
Nothing fancy, just a couple of trees in a large fixed pot on each rooftop. The municipalities offer tax reductions or benefits to the buildings that have a well maintained rooftop garden, and the gardening/plant companies could offer discounts and sponsorship.
Ultimately, the plan was to have beirut as a rooftop wonder forest, but the initiative managed to be applied on 40 public schools in Beirut through governmental support and funding.


Full Brand identity for Serralunga 1825 outdoor patio furniture line, created during the masters program at Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD), Milano–2011.

A new movable identity for Serralunga that is in continuous change and morphing, relating to the characteristics of the brand that is always talent scouting and each product within the line is commissioned to a young designer that has a completely different identity/inspiration/and purpose.