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Brand identity for RAYXANDER a multidisciplinary design studio fascinated by creation, mutation, and evolution in its design process, London–2015.

RAYXANDER’s story is told through its mark; the letters “X” and “Y” come together to form a starting point where time and space are flattened  forming a platform for new creations inspired by the rebirth process, the geometry that makes life, the forms created by patterns of movement and its unpredictable outcome.

All these elements are also translated in the identity forming a design scheme composed of a number of core elements such as the mapping graphics with medieval visual queues highlighting the “journey” concept  from the time Copernicus imagined a heliocentric world with the sun-RAY at the centre. The sun, is the point of origin for all of its creations.


Branding for, Roland Helou Design (ROHD), a Beirut-Based interior architecture and multidisciplinary design studio.

The full branding project from identity and naming to web and digital presence to spacial and environmental branding, is aimed at highlighting the pragmatic, functional, and minimal perspective that ROHD studio adapts in the projects it tackles.


Brand identity for womens’ cosmetic line World Cosmetics, Lebanon–2013. World cosmetics differentiate from competitor brands through its range of products that combine some of the healthiest and most natural ingredients.

The branding and packaging system for the first release of World Cosmetics, features a logotype that highlights the lightness and refinement of the products. The geometry and cleanliness of the marque (based on the History typeface), helps also in communicating the historical background of the brand and position the products for a female audience.



Instaleb is a personal initiative developed by Wassim Melki and myself, in the aim of reintroducing polaroid photography to the Lebanese market by providing vintage refurbished polaroid cameras as well as the Impossible Project polaroid films.

The  MARIPOLARAMA exhibition features a selection of Polaroid photographs by New York-based French artist Maripol that span a genuine who’s who from this legendary period. Photographer, stylist and filmmaker of Lebanese origin.
The exhibition also includes an installation displaying the polaroid cameras across the years and their evolution. These cameras are made available by Instaleb to the Lebanese public.


“Hommage a Maurice Bejart ” is a visual show organised by  the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA) at Roman Temple of Baalbeck–2009.

Fully produced and directed by the second year students.
This show is a creative spectacle combining music, choreography and colors, with an academic objective of gathering our talents and enabling us to reinvest what we have acquired during our two years of studies in the service of both a sound and a visual production.
The topic of the opus 2008 was an hommage paid to Maurice Béjart, who recently passed away, and who completely revolutionized the art of the dance. The objects that were created for over 3 months, moved and interacted with the music and lighting as if they were Bejart’s own dancers.